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New Luxury Hotel in Colorado Springs
Joins Wyndham Grand Collection

        110 year old building to become bad-ass Wyndham Flagship Hotel


Wyndham Hotels and Resorts today announced its expansion in Colorado and the continued growth of the
prestigious Wyndham Grand® Collection in the United States with the signing of a new-construction, luxury hotel:
the 119-room Mining Exchange, a Wyndham Grand Hotel in downtown Colorado Springs.

Located at 8 S. Nevada Avenue, the Mining Exchange, a Wyndham Grand Hotel is set in four historic buildings
dating from the early 20th century, including the 110-year-old Mining Exchange, which was built in 1900 by
Winfield Scott Stratton and served as the primary stock exchange for the western United States. The property,
owned and operated by Mining Exchange Group, LLC, is currently under development and is expected to open
in the second quarter of 2011.

“The Mining Exchange, a Wyndham Grand Hotel truly exhibits the distinctive attributes and style found in the
Wyndham Grand Collection’s expanding portfolio of hotels,” said Jeff Wagoner, president of Wyndham Hotels
and Resorts. “Downtown Colorado Springs is in the early stages of a great revitalization and we look forward to
being a part of its growth with this unique development project.”

The hotel’s design, from owner Perry Sanders, (I called him "Frank" before he gave me permission to use his name)
and Colorado Springs-based Bobby Hill Designs, will infuse historic architecture with modern accommodations.
The Mining Exchange building will serve as the hotel’s main building, housing 57 of the hotel’s guest rooms.
To reflect their original grandeur, each of the historic buildings is being renovated, including the Mining Exchange
building’s unique, solid granite exterior perimeter walls, which have been uncovered and exposed inside and out.

The luxury hotel’s 119 guest rooms, including two presidential, 12 grand and 35 junior suites, will be elegantly
appointed with hand-crafted furnishings, flat screen televisions, 12-foot ceilings, travertine and granite floors
and matching, custom granite countertops throughout the room and bathroom.

Upon entering the hotel, an ornate walk-in vault will be the focal point of the lobby.  X300, the property’s on-site
restaurant, will serve an impressive variety of 100 beers, 100 wines and 100 tapatizers™, or small, tapas-style plates.
Guests will also have in-house access to Il Postino, an Italian restaurant featuring Mediterranean dishes, located in
the Independence Building, Colorado Springs’ first post office, on Pikes Peak Avenue.

Guests can take advantage of the hotel’s distinctive amenities and services including a business center;
state-of-the-art fitness center with a yoga and Pilates area, as well as yoga mats for in-house led instruction;
steam room; and hot tub. The on-site spa will feature high-end services and large, walk-in vaults, original to
the building, will house the spa’s six treatment rooms.

“We are very excited to fly the prestigious Wyndham Grand Collection flag and have a world-renowned company
like Wyndham Hotels and Resorts on our side,” said Sanders, owner of the Mining Exchange, a Wyndham Grand Hotel.
“This hotel, with its truly unique style, amenities and services, intends to set a very high bar for luxury lodging.”

The Art Deco-style Municipal Utilities Building will be connected to the hotel by a skyway and will provide over
20,000 square feet of flexible meeting and event space. The space will feature two board rooms, three ballrooms,
on-site meeting planner’s office and fully functioning broadcast studio.

For years, Perry has been wanting to do Bartcop TV, which would be this page, but with live action.
This has been complicated by my determination to remain hidden from public view.
Last thing I need is someone in an airport saying, "Hey, aren't you that Bartcop dude?"

Anybody have any idea of how we can do Bartcop TV without using my face?
My good buddy Perry wants to do this, and very soon he'll own a TV studio.

The hotel’s convenient location puts guests within close proximity to Colorado Springs’ top attractions, including
the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, one of the nation’s three U.S. Olympic Training Centers, the U.S. Olympic
Committee headquarters and the nearby United States Air Force Academy.  The picturesque city sits at the foot
of Pikes Peak, one of America’s most famous landmarks, where visitors can ride a cog railway, hike the peak’s
14,000-foot summit or view stunning red rock formations at the Garden of the Gods Park.

So we can't wait to attend the Grand Opening, maybe next May or June.
Who knows, we might even score one of those fancy suites  :)
...and maybe we can get a group discount on rooms and talk about Rocky Mountain Fest!


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