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Subject: Laura Bush, low blow.

I'm never the first to defend that lady, but that was low.
She ran a stop sign.  Owned up to it.

Kennedy was a drunk, killed a poor girl, left her corpse
in the bottom of a lake while trying to cover it up.

Listing the facts is a low blow?

Is Pickles's ex-boyfriend any less dead than Mary Jo?

Seems to me negligence caused both accidents and you're saying
Pickles would've dived in that dark ocean until she rescued her victim?
On what would you base such a help-the-Bushes horse-hockey?

You have no evidence that Teddy was drinking that night
yet you label him "a drunk" which proves you are thinking illogically.

And didn't Pickles "leave his corpse in a smashed car?"
Or are you claiming she pulled him out with her great arm strength?

Plus there's your wild "tried to cover it up" charge.
It was Ted's car - did he claim it was stolen from him?

Ted claimed (I wasn't here) that his doctors told him he had
a concussion and was in shock, yet you insist he should've been
thinking clearly after his upside-down wreck and forced midnight dives?

Was there anything in your e-mail that was accurate?

Truth is (if you're interested in such things) neither driver
was in a position to chose where to have their next wreck.
Why you assign bad motives to Teddy is beyond me

If I ever get in trouble, please let someone else defend me.

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