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Subject: Pigboy hearts Hutcherson

That article you linked to at the American Thinker (The Vilification of Rush) by Kenneth L. Hutcherson was penned 
by a fellow who just happened to make the top of the calling queue on Pigboy's radio show at the precise time when his 
call would be most effective. The very next day the first call Limbaugh entertained just happened to be from another guy 
who made it a point to let everyone in radio-land know that he was black and pissed off as hell about Limbaugh's "unfair
treatment" where his bid to buy into the Ram's franchise was concerned. Dare I ask, how convenient? Piggy even insinuated 
that these calls were random. Yeah, just like my mortgage payment just happens to come due on the same day each month 
as a matter of chance.
I called bullshit on this entire issue the first day Piggy made it public and the thing played out as I expected it to. It was all about
getting the tongues wagging about the asshole and nothing more. He even admitted himself that everything he does is for ratings 
and profit.  I have no problem taking that statement at face value.
Anyway, how does this idiot expect anyone to believe that these two angry black men who support Rush Limbaugh just happened
to march straight to the front of the line when there are people who constantly tell him they try for years to get through only to get 
a busy signal? The whole thing is as phony as Dr. Laura's medically reconstructed hymen.
Another thing that makes me feel this thing was cooked up, though I might be approaching tin-foil hat territory here, is that even 
though the two quotes the media and Limbaugh focused on regarding his "supposed" racism  may well be proven fictitious, 
what about all the other shit he says that proves that he is a filthy racist? Why wasn't any of that mentioned, anywhere? 
Well, we've discussed it a length at Bartcop but other than that you'd think the guy was broadcasting in a vacum.
For instance, he calls Barack Obama "boy" every fucking day and that was never mentioned. He has called Charles Barkley 
"Milkdud Head" on several occasions. I'd like to see that usless shit call Sir Charles that to his face and  then try and sluff it off 
as being "taken out of context" as they stuff his dwindling bloody carcass into the back of an ambulance. And what about when 
they started blending corn with gasoline to produce ethenol? Pigboy couldn't point it out often enough that the liberal policy of 
doing such a thing was going to anger a large portion of their voters because it was going to cause a "sharp increase in the price 
of taco shells," I mean, what the fuck, is everyone out there blind and deaf? Why does he continue to get away with this shit?
And wasn't that polite of Chris Wallace not to ask Piggy to explain why he required a cache of black market Viagra while on his
"all guy trip" to the child prostitution capital of the world? As many times as that prick has been interviewed since that happened 
I cannot figure out why not one person has ever asked him about that. He sure as hell wasn't using it for fish bait. And still those 
dentally challenged listeners of his continue to call him and heap all praise and glory upon him as the ultimate end-all, be-all conservative. 
Are these people really that stupid? They're more likely to see Rush Limbaugh walking out of a brothel than a church on any given day. 
I wish they'd let me interview him, I'd have that fucker crying for his mommy before he had a chance to uncross his legs.

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