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Subject: Rush loves Hillary

Are you OK with the fact the Rush the vulgar pig boy is supporting Hillary over McCain?

ha ha
Stop it!
Artie, is that you?

You didn't actually believe something Rush said, did you?

Are you OK with the fact that Anne "the Man" Coulter is 
will push for Clinton if if McCain gets the nomination?

ha ha
Stop it!
Who is this - seriously...

I guess you are only OK with Repukes supporting a Dem as long as it Hillary.

Hey, so far I've been nice to you because you've stumbled so badly.
But if you wanna get snarky, I wouldn't mind blowing out some carbon.

Bart, the 90's are over - we can not go back to the good ole days when Bill was the President.

You mean  ...time moves forward?

Shrub screwed this country up to far to hope for a return to the 90's.
Look what happened the last time we put a Clinton in office
- we ended up with another shrub in the White House.

ha ha
Stop it!
Who is this - seriously...

Before you ask do I hate women I love them but do you hate Black People?
 Bryan from Chicago

ha ha
Stop it!

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