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Subject: Robert Plant

Bart, you wrote,

>  "It's a good thing Plant rearranged those songs and added that country twang
>  because nobody wants to hear them the way they were recorded."

Bart, I've been meaning to tell you this, nobody CAN hear them the way they were recorded.
Plant laid those tracks in the prime of his life when his voice was young . The man is almost
63 now and can no longer sing in the same register any more.

Give the guy a break.

As happens a lot, we're not arguing about the same thing.
I'm not angry with Plant for getting old or losing his voice.

Hell, he lost his voice prior to the 1973 tour and wasn't able to sing
in the same register 38 years ago - so what's his excuse now?

<>I'm angry with him for surrendering to old age.
BB King is younger than Plant - so is Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard.
Can you imagine Little Richard slowing down and doing a country version of "Tutti Fruiti."
I can't.

Page's guitars won't ever tire of singing the high notes but Robert can't physically do it any more
and I think he wouldn't want to disappoint the fans who would come to hear the high howl of
Black Dog but only get a hoarse rattle.

So why is he currently selling the hoarse whistle with a twang?
Can you think of another "big" rocker who surrendered?
I can't.

Instead, Robert has remade himself and re-arranged the songs to fit the way he can sing now,
He knows Page and the band can leave him in the dust.  Give him some respect.  He's old.

You took the words right out of my mouth. 
He's very old - older than Page will ever get.

I think you need to accept that the Led Zeppelin you once knew and loved is over. Done.

Why are you talking to me like a child?
Zeppelin is "over" because Plant hates what made him rich and famous.


Either accept the way in which Robert Plant wishes (is able) to keep the songs alive or
move on and keep listening to the memories of your albums.

Hmmm, sounds like an ultimatum.
Suppose, instead, you accept that I have my own opinions.

Contrary to what Zeppelin has said,
the song does not remain the same.

A huge Zeppelin and BartCop fan,

I'm glad Plant won all those Grammys with Alison Krause.
Now he can say he made a contribution to music.


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