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Playing with Hate as a Political Strategy
 sent in by Fgbash     October 10, 2008

McCain-Palin have been rather busy this week endorsing the view of some of their psychotic 
supporters who chanted "Obama is a traitor," among the other hate-filled rants.  
DU blogger Heather located this document - a political ad that ran in Dallas Nov 21, 1963,
the day before John F. Kennedy was assassinated - from the national archives:

How far will McCain and Palin go to get what they want? Are they willing to incite violent behavior? 
The fringe of the right-wing does not need to be encouraged or supported. They simply need to be 
pushed to the outskirts of civilized society. Sure they can vote, but KKK members can vote too. 
Best not to pander to hate in a country where hate has already caused so much horror. 

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