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World Series of Poker Stories 

 I have a lot of fun stories to tell, but most of them involve pictures.

 You see on XP, when you download iPhone pictures, they ask, 
"Where do you want them?"

 That's when I usually put them in My Pictures in the WSOP-2009 folder,
 but noooooooooooooooooooo.  Not anymore.

 My laptop is on the new, fancy Vista and Vista must've "fixed" that 
 clumsy "where do you want them" bullshit.  When I downloaded pictures from 
 Day One (it was a great day) Bill Gates had my new laptop put the pictures 
 in the "correct" place that I "instinctively" would have wanted them to be 
 and I have no idea where that is.

 After I downloaded them, I went thru them and got rid of the duds
 and since I had them securely on my laptop, I erased many of them.
 But once I closed the last picture I lost them. Where did they go?

 They aren't under "My Documents - Pictures" where you figure
 they might go, and I can't see any directories that might contain them
 so I'm asking you, The Reader, if you have any idea where that prick
 Gates decided to put my damn pictures?

 The sons of bitches had a system that worked, but Gates must've decided 
that was too workable so they found  a way to hide those pictures and if 
they're gone - Gates is in grave danger.

 So if you have a clue where Vista puts iPhone pictures, Send e-mail to Bart

 I have all the pics from Day Two, so it's not a total loss but there's just 
 no reason in the world for those ashole engineers to change every f-ing thing
 just so they can say Visata is an "all-new" system that everyone must have.


 And even if the pictures pop up in the nest 5 minutes, no way I can
 get a page done today so look for that tomorrow.

 I had a great time, you'll like this Trip Report. 

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