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Subject: Again with the cheap shots at Obama over UIGEA

No, Obama isn't going to round up everyone at the WSOP, and you know this,
but you have to keep cheap-shotting him and complaining about the enforcement of UIGEA.

Mike, that was a joke.
I don't really expect Obama to have his Justice Department raid Nevada's poker rooms.
That might anger Harry Reid and Obama would never do that.

What have I done that you would treat me with such disrespect?
When you say, "and you know this," you're calling me a liar.

If I don't agree with your point of view, that means I'm a liar?
I didn't expect this from you, Mike.

This was a GOP bill all the way and it only required full compliance from everyone in 2010.
What was Obama supposed to, not enforce a law?

Obama is the man at the TOP.
The Justice Dept will follow his orders.

If Obama says "I want killing poker to be a top priority" then it will be.

If Obama says, "We're short on agents and funds, so let's concentrate FIRST
on violent crimes and terrorism and we'll kill poker when we get the time,"
then that's the priority that killing poker will have on Obama's list of things to do.

You're saying the president is helpless - I say he's not.
He may be afraid to use his power, but he has the power if he decides to use it.

The GOP would have hammered him in campaign adds about the continued unlawful
transfers of money he wasn't stopping. Remember after 9/11 how they tried to blame
people who bought illegal drugs for funding terrorism?

You might have a point in that we haven't seen the "new" Obama since he took out OBL.

In his first two years, Obama surrendered-in-advance to every demand the bastards had,
so we don't know if Obama has grown a pair since OBL or if he's still a folding machine.

His history has been to give the GOP everything they want and tell his base to fuck off.
Maybe this poker issue was a good time for him to reverse his caving streak.

Every agent Obama has chasing poker players is an agent who
doesn't have time to track murderers and rapists and real terrorists.

I'm sure they would have done the same with this.

They can only push Obama around if he allows them to push him around.

Do I wish Obama was a guns blazing defender of poker? Of course I do, but the
Dems in congress had Barney Frank leading on this and then they didn't back him
and they never worked to get a bill to repeal UIGEA on the floor of the House.

Here's Frank's bill,_Consumer_Protection,_and_Enforcement_Act

Dems are on our side on this, this was a GOP bill all the way.

I once gave you 50 bucks to keep posting Shirley photos, if I had 50 bucks
to give you to quit cheap shotting Obama about this, I would.
  --Mike The Dealer.

We are going to continue to disagree on this.
Obama is going to surrender-in-advance as often as he chooses.

There's nothing you or I can do to make him grow a spine but that doesn't mean
you have to send me a shitty e-mail every time I have an opinion about the choices
he makes and the priorities he sets as president.

You don't have veto power over my opinions.


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