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Subject: Snowden,  secrets, and police states





Hey Bart!

I don't have a horse to back in this race, because I think that they're all crooks. 
But I don't even want to bother with this noise, because:

- first and foremost, this 'story' is what the conservative media wants us to focus on. 
The reporting seems to me to be slanted to try and convince the viewer of a particular
way of looking at the facts of the story;

- I'm pretty sure that it was fairly well known that this sort of data mining was being done
by the government, and officially acknowledged, during the reign of the Illegally Installed
Drunken Cokeheaded Deserter (During Wartime). 

Some Democrats want to blame Obama.

It might have been tinfoil territory to think that the government was spying to Enemy of The State
levels during Clinton's time - but how many people could seriously imagine any government closing
that Pandora's Box once they opened it?  Snowden has shown everyone what data the american
government thought they should be collecting, and what level of detail this government wants to
examine everyone's footprint;

- let's get to the Funny Farm Functional Philosophy about government: they're all crooks. 
But the Democrats are petty thieves, pickpockets, and might rise to burglary and grand theft
on occasion, and the Republicants are mass murdering psychopaths.

I'd rather that none of them were crooks, myself...

- if we're lucky they might be half as good at the data mining as the big corpo-conglomerates and
the rest of the world governments are.  Pooty Poot is probably just verifying most of the data that
he already has and finding out how far behind the americans are in their data collections procedures;

- finally*, good luck to everyone sifting through the data.  Now that people have been made painfully aware
that everybody is trying to look at everything they can everywhere, there will be even more people doing
different things to mask their data footprint, more people dropping off grid, more willful noise tossed into
the mix, etc.  You have said, on your pages, more than once, that you have nothing to fear and nothing to
hide from this policy, and that you think it could assist in catching and preventing terrorist activity, so it isn't
a big problem that this is being done to you.  But what if somebody could use your info to figure out where
and who you get gawd's flowers from, where you might be engaging in federally prohibited activity in the
near future and/or on your travels, or who needs to stop providing support for the Tequila Treehouse?

I'm pretty much neutral on this one - Snowden stole the info he's got, the feds have probably gone over
the line they agreed to abide by, the whole leak and subsequent uproar stinks of the vile Pigboy, and if you
didn't think that at least one somebody was trying to mine your paper trail you probably should buy this bridge
nearby that I know about.  It sure does point out a few flaws with the current procedures that supposedly are in place...

Much more important right now is the state of the Bixby Corn Festival.  Hope you have a good time if you go!

Take care

Tom the Pillar From Pontiac
The Funny Farm
The Church of the Afternoon Nap

* - crowd screams with enjoyment!

Tom, you handled that all wrong.
You're supposed to call me names and say I'm too stupid to understand the facts.

I just called Conrad Farms, the corn picking starts tomorrow!
The Bixby Green Corn Festival is this weekend.

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