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Subject: Pope John Paul II miracle

not nice Bart! not nice at all!
It is NOT a "load of crap" many miracles occurred when Pope J.P. II was alive they've published an entire book on them.

No, there is no God and no such thing as "miracles."
There is only the not-yet-explained.

'There are none so those who WILL NOT see!',
if anyone should be willing to believe in miracles, it should be you.

If there was a God, wouldn't he want me to use my eyes 
and my smallish brain and see what was real?

As for Muhammed Ali, etc., maybe they didn't pray to John Paul II like this nun did.
How many people do you know who have been cured of Parkinson's?

Hint:  it's ALWAYS fatal & it's ALWAYs terminal!

Exactly - that's why I reject the voodoo.
The Catholics should be charged with fraud for pulling this stunt.
It's all about giving more money to the child molesters - how can people be so blind?

What makes you think American doctors are so hot shot?
Miracles have been occurring for years at Fatima, Lourdes, Medjugoria and have been documented
by EUROPEAN doctors....many of whom could run circles around American M.D.'s!

Get a grip!

Tampa, I like you and I salute your passion, but you are 100% wrong.
Do you ever read the Weekly World News, whatever that tabloid is called?

"Bat Boy" is always in some faraway land that nobody ever visits.
He's not in New York or LA because someone might say, "Show me."

Believe what you want, just don't give the molesters any money.

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