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Subject: Obama needs our support

While Obama's making the transition to the far more dangerous political league,
he needs our support, not our backstabbing.
Yell at him, sure.  Remind him of why we voted for him, absolutely. 
But never, never do to him what we did to Clinton.  And Clinton didn't have to face
the combined whammies of an even worse economy, wars, a deteriorating world situation,
blatant racism, and a powerful entrenched media propaganda machine.
A primary challenger to Obama?  Only if it's a strawman, to give Obama a forum that the networks will cover.
OBAMA WAS RIGHT.  And he still is. 
He just needs us at his back, not whining and booing.
Obama has REAL work to do.  The next two years are make-or-break, as the teabaglicans
do everything wrong that they possibly can, and blame it all on Obama.
No one stands a chance against Obama in the primaries.  Don't kid yourself, or waste the time and money. 
The real enemies are already out there, including that slimiest and most dangerous of cesspools, Gingrich.
Every attack against Obama is a vote for Gingrich.  Just remember that.
 The Diehard

Diehard, you are crazy.

Obams is never going to change.
He's going to cave in in 2011, and 2012, and 2013 and 2014 and 2015 and 2016.

You're happy with eight years of surrender?

It's only been a couple of hours since the massive betrayal that we all knew was coming,
but for the first time ever I want Democrats to stand up to their president.

Obama is crazy out of control with his "whatever you want" style of compromise.

He's NOT going to change.
His style of governing is surrender, surrender and then surrender.

...and you say we should all get behind him?

Is "
surrender, surrender and surrender" what they taught you when you were a Navy Seal?
I thought you were a fighter -  was I wrong?

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