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 Live From JulieRB:       May 1 2002, 9:30 AM

 Things here are unbelievably fun.

 I so wish every loyal BartCopper around the country was here! It is so great to meet
 so many of the BC'ers, and have some friendly faces to put with the screen names.

 Julie Hiatt Steele is every bit as charming, funny and wonderful as BartCop has told us all
 over the last several months. She held us spellbound at lunch today with information
 about her trial, about Kathleen Willey and about what's next for her.

 It's time to get dressed for the big evening out, but we can't wait to read
 the narratives from others who are here and whom we'll meet tonight...

Live From jasto:     May 1 2002, 9:31 AM

 Words cannot express, yet here I try, the delight of sitting at a table listening to
 Carville and Conason trash the Washington Post, of bumping into a very gracious
 David Brock, of seeing BartCOP and Mrs. Bartcop, of checking in with Christian.

 What a great gathering of wonderful people. And of course, the guest of honor was as
 delightful as Bartcop promised. Ms. Steele was warm, funny, gracious, and humble.
 (kinda like bartcop.)

 The best, of course, was seeing all of us, realizing how many of us there are, and dissing bush in public!
 Beautiful job!

 When I got home, my nine year old said I was like a caffienated daffy duck.
 It was the energy there! or the chinaco anejo - which, forgive me, i had mixed in awesome margaritas.

 In short,

 It was a tremendous honor to have met you and the "gang" and the event was even more
 spectacular than I ever could have imagined. You did a fabulous job and have my gratitude
 and the thanks of everyone there...for that night and for everything you give us.
 Keep up the fantastic job.


From: Solarize     May 1 2002, 9:32 AM

 Carville's West 24 is a nice place...not terribly large. It has a smallish dining
 room with a bar area off to the site. It was very classy. The food smelled great,
 but I didn't get a chance to try it. The chocolate that was provided was amazing
 and the finger food was also great - the sweet potato dumplings were awesome.

 I'd say there were about 100 (not sure, really) people there. It was fairly packed
 ...standing room only. Most were dressed quite well - if you had come off the street
 and walked in you may have thought it was a republican gathering...hehe!

 Everyone was exceptionally friendly and mingling very freely. A lot of people
 just came up to me and introduced themselves and struck up a
 conversation...it was very fun.

 After about an hour of mingling, the main event started with Carville being
 the first to get up to the mic. He said a lot of great things...what we come
 to expect from him - Bush stealing the election, the idiotic impeachment
 and the horror that Julie had to endure, giving props to David Brock for
 showing up, etc. After a few more comments he introduced Joe Conason to
 a huge round of applause. Joe got up and explained how he was making a
 documentary about his book "The Hunting of The President" and read a
 prepared speech about why we were all there (Julie and that horrid
 impeachment deal). When he finished with his great comments (sorry I
 didn't transcribe anything...I was a bit too excited to even really remember
 what they said), he introduced Julie. She got up to the mic and had to wait
 for the applause and cheering to die down before speaking. She is a little
 firecracker - she is extremely funny even when talking about all of this
 serious political stuff. She said some really good things - she talked about
 how she has to make her story known so that we can make sure this can't
 happen in the future. She said too much for me to put here...but its what
 you'd expect if you've read her articles. She finished off with a question and
 answer session. Christian and Bartcop joined her up at the mic, but only
 Christian spoke.

 Everyone screamed for to get Bart to step up and give a speech, but thats
 just not his thing. He is a humble, modest man. He reminded me of one of
 my high school friend's really cool dad.

 It finished off with a cake in honor of Julie and a raffle with signed copies of
 Conason's book, Brock's book and Carville's book plus copies of Hatfield's
 book and some Bartcop Juliefest t-shirts.

 There were a couple of photographers and a videographer, so I'm sure there
 will be plenty of pictures and video in the near future for everyone to see.

Subject: My Take on JulieFest

     The perfect day. That's the only way I can describe the events of 4/27/2002.
The specter of that unelected, smirking moron being in control of our country had been
hanging over my life for over a year. For one day, though, a shaft of light came down
through the clouds, and an angelic choir seemed to be singing,
"You are not alone. There's still hope. Is that Joe Conason?"

    Hit the Interstate, with handy Mapquest directions at my side. Got turned around a
couple times in DC proper, but I had allowed for a couple hours of "getting lost" time.
After an hour and a half of the bloody anarchy that is Georgetown traffic
(those WALK/DON'T WALK signs...what a quaint notion), I cried uncle,
found a parking garage, and made out on foot.

     I must have looked like such a rube hick, with my street map in front of me, sniffing
at something wonderful that was being done to grilled onions, trying not to goggle at the
abundance of beautiful women our capital is blessed with, laughing everytime I walked
by a full Moonie Times vending machine (and they all were).

     On to West 24. I was a bit early for the main event, so I went to the bar.
Sierra Nevada---my payday beer---on tap! And that glistening ovoid bottle on the back
shelf could only have been the legendary Chinaco Anejo. With painful memories of high
school dances all too fresh, I tried to mingle.

     Memo: when introducing oneself to people that one only knows from the BartCop Forum,
the handle that seemed so crass and witty online seems awfully juvenile in front of solid,
respectable adults. By about the fourth time, I was inwardly cringing every time I said:
"Hi, I'm Gordon Guano." But nobody seemed to mind.

     Ah, the people!
It was great meeting forum posters and chatters in person, and also good to see folks who
came in  from all over the country just because they were still pissed off about The Theft of 2000.
I didn't get to talk to anybody for nearly as long as I would have liked, and I'm embarassed to say
that when I saw Zomar, my thought was, "Gee, Carville looks a lot bigger on TV!", and then
proceeded to tell him how much I had enjoyed hs book.

     As far as our Guest of Honor was concerned, I was awestruck. I don't know how that much class,
reserve, and dignity fits into such a tiny body. I have a touch of claustrophobia, which I was able to quell
with my first-ever shot of Chinaco. I don't know how Julie withstood being mobbed by well-wishers and
fans for three hours. I would have run screaming. Sympathetically cringing, though, I had to work my way
through the line, and mumble something like, "You're a real inspiration, ma'am. you showed us the bastards
CAN be licked."

     After that, the only thing left to do was to drive back to Mayberry, basking in the satisfaction
that came from having been able to do a little bit of good for a very good person.
Now, get to work on that book, Julie!

From: Adamclymerfanclub.com

Hey, I know Zomar. I'd know that shiny pate anywhere (and I figured it was him
when I read in the Bartcop Forum that he was "James Carville's stunt double.")
The last time I saw him was at my father's funeral in northern Wisconsin.
He goes to the same church my folks did (I'll just call it The Church of the
Non-Religiously Insane.)  We were sitting in the guild hall after the service
when he told me that he read my name on the Bartcop.com donor's page.
I told him about the Adam Clymer Fan Club and gave him some buttons
and stickers.  (How did those go over at JulieFest, by the way?)
He's a cool guy. Glad you got to meet him.


Liz, yes, Zomar is cool, James thought so, too.
He drove allllllll the way from Sturgeon Bay, WI to be at Juliefest2002-DC

...about those buttons... you're going to kill me, but they were another victim of the crushing crowds
 at the jam-packed House o' Carville. I envisioned myself walking between groups of people, saying Hi,
 and offering the buttons for sale but the place was just wall-to-wall and everything was Woodstock.

 The good news? I still have them, so maybe JuliefestWest will work better.
 Thanks for donating those, I won't let them go to waste.

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