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 Subject: a little pot experment





Hi Bart,

From the Fall of 1963, when I was a college Freshman standing on the
food line and meeting my first dealer, I have used Cannabis in truly
enormous amounts.  At a certain point, around 1965, I decided to
perform a life experiment.  I wanted to see what would happen if I
ingested liberal amounts of God's Flowers over time.  I have been
continuously stoned, except for one or two six-month periods, for the
last 49 years.  I admit that it worried me, but the experiment was
intended to resolve that anxiety in the absence of scientific studies.

You might say I was addicted.  Yes, if being addicted means taking a
drug regularly, I am addicted.  However, several interesting things
are happening now that I am 68 years old:  I sleep like a baby.  I am
very easy to get along with.  My doctor says I am in perfect health.
I never get sick, except for the occasional brief cold.  I don't get
winded when I climb steep hills or stairs.  My hair quality is
fabulous.  I feel like I did when I was 30 years old.

I remember the taste in my mouth when I first started smoking pot.
When I got "mui blastido" in the evening I woke up the next day with
that "delicious" taste I remembered from my early childhood.  My first
hallucination was a "nun" my mind fashioned out of shadows on the ceiling.

Cannabis is not only a harmless substance, but it promotes health and
well-being.  For Heaven's sake!  How can I have smoked and otherwise
imbibed Cannabis for nearly FIFTY YEARS of continuous use and be in
perfect health?  Even aspirin would kill you at such dosages for such
a long period of time.

We need to get Cannabis back into the Medical Doctor's little black bag,
where it was from time immemorial, as a safe and effective medicine to
promote overall well-being.

Blessings and Peace.

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