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Subject: Pot legal

Hey Bart-

Okay pot obviously should be legal, but those criticizing Barney Frank's legislation for what he wants
for a legal weight are missing a huge point.  Kind buds won't be for sale at the local liquor store, so
somebody needs to supply it. Your local suppliers usually deal in a quarter pound or less.

Frank's weight in the bill protects the local supplier from constant harassment. Without a higher weight
local suppliers would be subjected to the same bullshit as the the big dealers and supply and price would suffer.

By having the legal weight at a quarter pound Frank is protecting the local supplier
and therefore keeping supply up, prices down and government violence at a minimum.
Peace to you and yours
 Natt L

Natt, I don't get it.
How often do cops bust a drugstore with possession of drugs?

What if the new law said, for example, you can buy up to a 1/2 ounce in a 24-hour period?
It'll be eight times harder for them to exaggerate the "devastation" of 100 grams of God's flowers

Once the law is passed, and the planet fails to spin off its axis, we can expand the law
to whatever the voters will allow - but let's walk before we try to run - agree?

When it fails, you know I'm going to say, "I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen."

If it passes - nationally, I'll buy you, Natt, a car.
It might be a broke-ass, piece-of-shit '93 Cavalier, but I'll buy you a car.

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