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 by Michael Dare


If you grew your own tomatoes and you wanted to guarantee five fresh ripe tomatoes 
every single day, how many tomato plants would you need? 30 isn't out of the question, 
all at different parts of the growth cycle.

Same with medical marijuana. The point isn't to BUY it and continue feeding the corporate 
pharmaceutical industry, the point is to grow it yourself. If you grew your own medical marijuana 
and you wanted to guarantee at least an ounce of fresh ripe bud every single week, how many 
marijuana plants would you need? The answer is an absolute minimum of three times, but up to 
ten times your medical need, all at different parts of the growth cycle. 

That's the totally rational and absolutely necessary reason why the amount of marijuana allowed 
in Barney Frank's bill is more than the amount consumed. There are patients I've met, included 
Jack Herer, the king of the hemp movement, who actually need to smoke massive amounts of pot 
all day long, easily an ounce, to keep their serious illnesses in check. 

I had no idea a person could smoke an ounce per day.

Please remember YOU CAN"T SMOKE TOO MUCH. It can't hurt you. 
It doesn't cause cancer, it cures it. Check out the video at

In fact, what's wrong with the bill is that there are any restrictions at all. 
Why does anybody give a fuck how much medicine other people need?

Michael, what you say makes sense, but this is still going to scare people.

If the point of the legislation is directed at growers, they should word the law
to say something like, "It's legal to grow up to 1/10 of an acre of pot."

One tenth of an acre doesn't sound very big and I assume you could grow
several hundred plants on 1/10 of an acre.  Anything sounds smaller than
a giant bag that contains 300 joints.

We're fighting illogical hysteria when it comes to pot.
When some asshole screams "That's enough pot to get an entire 
Grateful Dead concert high," it's destined to fail - wouldn't you agree?

You asked, Why does anybody give a fuck how much medicine other people need?

Why does anybody give a fuck if the president gets a blow job?

The Republicans and the religio-harpies can't stand somebody having fun. 
They'd rather watch a loved one die in pain than allow someone to get high.

You and I - we're fighting fear and religious insanity.

Check out Michael Dare's website

and you gotta read his John Belushi story.

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