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 Subject: Damn it Bart!!!!

Bart- 100 grams is not much weed! - less then 4 oz.

Is two gallons of Jack Daniels a lot of whiskey?

When I was younger, I partied a lot, but I never bought four liters of Jack 
in one trip because I knew I could come back whenever I ran out.

100 yrs ago your beloved juice of choice was evil and outlawed.
Today are you limited to 100ml per legal purchase?

100ml is about 3 ounces of tequila.
Did you learn math from Catholic nuns?

...and what of the folks 50 miles from a real town?

Dunno, never lived that far from town.
But do those folks drink 4 liters of Jack, per person, each week?

100 grams may seem a lot to you, just as your tequila consumption may seem a lot to some... 
Point is who are you to decide 100 grams ( 3.5 oz.= 14 quarter bags= 7 half oz bags) is a lot? 

I believe you are missing the point. 
It's impossible to OD on pot, so if *I* was king, it would be 100% legal. 
The point you and I are talking about is, 
"How much will a giant bag of pot scare ignorant, religiously-insane Republicans?"

Don'y you want pot legalized?

I smoke a half oz in 3 days easy. 

Yet you failed to include your home address :)
BTW, you have a job?

A plant will yield bout 5-7 oz.  so 3.5 makes a plant for a married couple legally kosher.

But you'd each have a plant, right?
Think about it - under Frank's proposal a married couple could have 
almost a half of pound of weed - who needs that much at a time?

What if I am having a party? 
Or if I have 5 musician friends over to smoke and jam and record? 
Ever bought more booze then you alone would consume?

If pot was legal, it'd be so cheap even musicians could afford it :)

Accentuate the positive, downplay the negative, take off your fucking pink tutu Bart 
unless you want sabotage the resolution from go. 

Clearly, one of us is crazy.
One of us thinks a redneck prick can hold up a bag with 200 joints in it and say,

"This is enough dope to get every grade school girl in Texas high" and not scare people.

Again and again and again and again we argue about different things.
You're arguing about the way things ought to be.
I'm arguing about the way things are and hoiw to deal with them.

You backed by drug $ or something?

Yeah, I'm Big Pharm's enforcer.
They send me $10,000 a day to help keep pot a crime..

free is free

"Free is free" is cute, and that might find well on a bumper sticker, 
but there's not always room for the truth on a bumper sticker.. 

Here's some lies from

Proponents say 3 ounces is a "small amount." Las Vegas cop 
Todd Raybuck rolled 3 ounces of confiscated marijuana into joints. 
Three ounces made 255 joints! 

So, 100 grams would make over 300 joints.

You're telling America that you need possess 300 joints to get high? 

Yep, one of us is crazy...

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