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Subject: Bart, I gotta slap you about the "28 grams of pot" thing

Barney Frank knows the deal when he suggested 100 grams of pot be legal:
Pot parties, specifically keeping the cops from raiding them for no fucking reason.

Why would the cops raid a place if having one ounce was legal?

I figure your average joint has one gram of weed in it.  If you set the limit to only 28 grams, 
the cops are going to raid every party they can find on the suspicion the host let 29 people in there, 
or someone fucked up and brought two joints to the party, and  if they find a whole ounce of weed. 

OTOH, you can have a decent party with a hundred grams. 
Someone MIGHT even be able to smoke a blunt!

I'm not sure your math is adding up. If it's legal to possess an ounce, harmless high-quality pot 
might cost the same as lethel f-ing cigarettes - about $20 for ten packs of 20 joints each.

If you have FIFTY people at your party - and they can all have an ounce each,
- that's FIFTY ounces. How much of your fancy dope would it take to get 50 people high?

If a party goer smokes, his cheap ass can bring a joint or two.
Where do you see a problem?

Is ten joints per person not enough to float a party?
What kind of pot are you people smoking?

Also consider: while that Oklahoma ditch weed may only be sold in half-ounce increments, 

ha ha

palatable pot comes in 30-gram lids. You gotta smoke two joints while driving home with it 
to get your lid down to the legal 28 grams...not good.

All hail the 100-gram legal limit!

I think I'm arguing with someone who's high :)

Maybe the possibility that you get better dope is why I see things cleaer than you.

If pot is legal, even the great stuff will be dirt-cheap, so everyone can bring a little.

Why do people think they need to obtain 255 joints at one time to get high?

What are you people smoking?

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