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Subject: e-mail 

My idea of a great president is Kucinich or Feingold.
I will not vote for any ticket that has the name Clinton on it.

Then I submit you'll throw away your vote - that helps the GOP.

I honestly dislike the Clintons. Why can't you understand that?

You probably dislike root canal, too - but what if you need one?

Your personal dislikes aren't important.
We either want to get the Republicans out of power - or we don't.
If we get another 4 years of GOP Hell, will it have been worth it?

If you throw away your vote and the bad guys win,
I say you lose your right to complain about the next 4 years.

Michael Moore's "Stupid White Men." gives a list of Clinton's
more conservative accomplishments and it's stunning to realize
they were during his administration. It looks like Bush's record.
Go buy the book if you don't have it or check out the last
chapter if you don't believe me..

With all due respect to Moore, I don't know what he can teach me about
the Clintons.  I've been wide awake since 1993 when I got on the Internet.

Hillary doesn't promise to be any more progressive than Bill.
Look at with whom she's in bed, starting with Mark Penn, her Karl Rove.
Follow the money and see who's supporting her campaign.

The smart money is flowing towards the next president.
Who is surprised by that?
Why do lefties always try to punish success?

You admire people who can't possibly win, which is OK,
but why help the Republicans by throwing your vote away?

Dude, with all due respect, you want a pony.
You want what you can't have and that seems childish.

Maybe I'm wrong - but the evidence says we'll get Hillary or a Republican,
but somebody has convinced you that Hillary and Cheney are twins and
that's just plain crazy.   (Are you a closet Nader fan?)

Whatever complaints you have about the Clintons,
you always have to ask, "Compared to who?"

You want a pure president, a clean president, an untainted president who's
perfect and who can get the other guy to bend without giving anything away.
That tells me you're living in a fairy tale.

I'm guessing you're young and you're idealistic. You imagine a future where
the hero rides in and saves the day, but that doesn't happen in the real world.

In the real world, you have to make practical choices, and by vowing to avoid
our best chance at winning, some would say you're helping the enemy.

But it's great that we can disagree and be friends...

Subject: re: hey from bart


First off, we're not friends and never will be friends. Got that?


I think it's best that you and I don't write to eachother, anymore,
because the more I hear from you the more you piss me off by
betraying your ignorance and blind, naked Clinton partisanship,
which insults me and my political acumen.
 Mr Potter at welcome-to-pottersville

It's always risky reaching out to a hater.
Haters can't be reasoned with - anger is all they have.

Me?  I have a great time every day.

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