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Bart's Delusions of Inadequacy
  by Mr. Potter at welcome-to-pottersville

 welcome-to-pottersville The Full Story

There's really no other way to describe someone who chooses to 
name himself after a jaundiced little psychopath cartoon character.

ha ha
I brought shame on myself - but wait!
What if I'm named after Sheriff Bart in Blazing Saddles?

But the abovementioned hardly ever linked to me (something else I've 
learned to deal with). Smalltime radio personality Bartcop's the exception.

We link to welcome-to-pottersville a lot - it's a good site!
By the way, "smalltime" is too generous a word for my radio audience.
I had two people comment on my last show.

Bart linked to last night's, "Mr. President: Shut the Fuck Up"
and I noticed the minor bump in hits.

It's important to spread the wealth.
After all, we're not Communists. (Mob bosses laugh)

Well, I'm utterly at a loss to see how the "sanest voice" in the blogosphere, shucks, <Bart kicks dirt>
You didn't have to say that - thanks!

...could ever possibly mistake the Clintons for Democrats. 

Look, I have ADD and an IQ of 64. Besides that, I run the hottest, coolest
Tequila Treehouse on the whole internet - so I make my share of mistakes.

I coulda sworn Clinton won two terms as a Democrat.
If you have the time, could you straighten me out on that? 

Sidebar: Mr Potter hates sidebars!
Potter runs a good website - you should pay him a visit and read his stuff.
He's a good guy who just gets a little excited about Hillary.

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