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Praying and God

God is for people who don’t think past their fear of dying.

What kind god brings children into this world and then gives them terminal cancer?

What kind of god creates the universe and everything in it... so he must have also created the devil.
God what where you thinking?  That aside with all your power, why don’t you just kill the MFer and get it over with?

What kind of god creates an earth with ten of thousands of species that must eat
each other to survive... mostly eating each other ALIVE! God you got an F on that one.

What kind of god creates all those bacterial and viruses that kill a lot of those people
he created in his own image? Could you please tell me WTF you did that!

What kind of god punishes us because the first dude he made took a bite
of an apple under the temptation of a snake... another WTF was that all about?

What kind of god planned the creation in his image where the first woman had to
screw her sons to procreate the species, they arrest people now who do that.

What kind of demented god has to make a man Noah, build an ark (which was technically impossible)
have him collect 2 of EVERY animal (where did they get the penguins and seals) and how did they feed
the carnivorous animals like lions and tigers? Oh was this an example of the eating each other method of
survival that needs some serious tweaking.

And then I won’t even get into the immaculate conception and Joseph the patsy for buying into it?
I can just see somebody trying to pull that off today angels or no angels.

At the end of the day there are more reason why there is no god then there is for a god.

The stories behind religion are ridiculous.
Children can and should reject the fairy tales being thrust upon them.

And what about "Original Sin?"
Can you imagine anything more unfair that inheriting such a debt?

And who decided we "owe" some church 10% of our salary?

If they wanted to be fair (Should I bother to finish this sentence?) they would wait
until a child's brain developed to the point where they could reason
before forcing
this insane "Eat His body, drink His blood" crappola on the poor child.

Maybe worst of all is the lie that YOU CAN'T MAKE IT ON YOUR OWN.
They teach you that you're NOTHING without the fairy tales and the angels on your shoulder.

Religious insanity is the world's biggest problem.
Shame on the people who continue this bloody, pointless charade.


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