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Subject: President McCain

Hi Bart,

I see that you have not been updating your page so regularly this past week.
I get the impression that you are a little depressed by Obama's lead in the opinion polls.

I mentioned in the last issue I was going to meet with some scary people in Scottsdale.
Listen for details and a Trip Report in the next Bartcop Radio Show.
But if I'm ever "missing," look on the last page for an explanation.

I tend to agree with you. Although I am a foreigner (UK citizen), this election is 
very important to all countries - (when the US pres says "jump" our PM says "how high?").

Your analysis of the 2004 Kerry campaign was correct 
(you were frothing at the mouth when he went windsurfing).

Yes, Kerry had no intention of winning that election.
He was just doing a Bones Brother a solid.

I am afraid that when Obama is nominated, 
the US media will eat him for breakfast. He won't beat McCain.

Hopefully Obama has someone reading
and therefore he knows what's coming.

Hillary however would slaughter McCain (or at least beat him)  
The right wing news media have already done their worst regarding the Clintons.

Still, I (and you) could be wrong.
Here's to a Dem clean sweep in November.

I'll drink to that.


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