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Donations/subscriptions to the Tequila Treehouse have fallen to a dangerous level.
I've been getting a lot of sad mail saying, "Sorry, I lost my job and every dollar counts,"
but mostly I'm getting e-mails from PayPal saying "Subscription Donation Failed."

I understand - I know things are tough thanks to Bush's thievery and Democratic cowardice.

 "We agreed with every bad decision and helped to cover-up
   every crime that the Bush bastards wanted to commit."

I'm not angry or bitter but I must keep the Treehouse going.

It's possible drastic actions may have to be taken.
Since I'm working for the subscribers and those who send "love" checks, they are my primary concern.

Possible options include:
Putting the main page in the Members section, letting non-members see the page after a few days.
    This isn't something I want to do but it would give fence-sitters with good jobs a reason to subscribe.

Doing tons more radio, maybe even to the point of doing a show per day and cutting back to one page a week.
   I've been listening to a lot of Howard Stern and I can see me doing a show every day but doing a daily page
   takes so many hours, the radio show gets pushed aside and that's going backwards as far as generating income.

Got any other ideas how we can make this work?

One thing's for sure - you can donate knowing I'm not going anywhere.
If you're a subscriber, you'll get pages and radio shows until that Peach Truck hits me.

Should we put it to a vote?

Subscribers are well within their rights to demand more radio shows.
Hearing all that Stern makes me jealous because *I* could be doing that.

I have carpal in both hands (I have to wear a hand brace and an arm brace) and speaking into a mic
is so much easier than ten hours of typing every weekday so - if you're a subscriber - tell me what to do.

I think I could do a much better radio show if I did it daily.
Geez, it's so long between shows I almost have to re-learn how to do it each time.
I certainly can't get any rythym going doing one show a month.

But then, I know most of you read the page at work (I won't tell your boss) so I'm guessing
the vote will be More Pages vs More Radio - but the page isn't bringing home the bacon.

Last thing, this is not a super-desperate situation. We have time to address this.
I just believe in shooting off the flare gun before the ship sinks :)

  Send e-mail to Bart  if you're a subscriber  Tell me your opinion

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