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The Psychology of Gay Republicans


It used to be a feature of college Psychology 101 that those who were obsessed with demonizing
homosexuality, or fearful of homosexuals, particularly men, were almost invariably latent homosexuals 
themselves. (The problems the Catholic Church is currently having in this area is further proof.) 
In its most extreme expression, these obsessions often lead to violence against gays by closeted
gay men such as Larry Craig attempting to cover up their own homosexuality. Since as a Senator, 
Craig was too public to get away with beating up a gay man to 'prove' he was straight, he instead 
indulged in verbal violence against homosexuals.

A psychologist friend has treated several men like Larry Craig; men who confine their homosexuality 
to the anonymous secrecy of public bathrooms and 'glory holes,' all the while living as straight men 
with families and publicly condemning homosexuality. In one of her cases, a man who had just 
concluded giving a stranger a blow job in a basement hallway then proceeded to beat the guy to the 
point where he ended up in the hospital. When the police asked him why he had done it, he responded 
that he was angry because the man had 'tempted him' into providing fellatio.

Larry Craig may have a similar bizarre rationalization regarding his escapades: he is not gay; he was 
'tempted' into gay acts by wily homosexuals. And, perhaps not surprisingly, all of my friend's patients 
who have these attitudes describe themselves as conservative Republicans.

Incidentally, where is the Big Media demanding an explanation for gay prostitute Jeff Gannon's apparently
free access to the White House that most everyone agrees must have been cleared by someone at a very 
high level (i.e. Rove, Cheney, or Bush himself), and why should gays pay the same taxes as heterosexual 
Americans and not be treated equally in every area of their lives?

Anyway, for further insights into the twisted regressive conservative Christian mind on this subject, r
ead Sarah Posner's "Ted Haggard's Hell on Earth."

Keep Hammering,
 RS Janes 

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