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Subject: Thoughts On Long Term Democratic Divisiveness?

I recently returned to reading Bartcop on a daily basis after a few years of not following 
politics as closely as I did in college (back in college, Bartcop was a must read every 
morning due to the coverage of the war buildup, the war itself and the 2004 election).

Lots of Democrats were disgusted with Kerry's cowardice and decided to leave politics.
It's tough to invest heavily in somebody and then watch them refuse to fight, only to see 
things get worse when your candidate surrenders early with millions in the bank.

Forgive me if this topic has been touched on before in a previous issue, but I was 
wondering if you could give your thoughts on this nasty campaign dividing Democrats 
for a long time to come?

It's impossible to tell. 
We're in uncharted territory. 
I've never seen it this bad.
I received more hate mail in the last 30 days than I have in 12 years.

Whoever the Democratic nominee ends up being, do you think Democrats are going 
to be willing to set aside their differences to ensure a Democrat wins this November? 

There is intense rage at Hillary from the Democrats and the Republicans and the media.
Even if she wins, they'll just say she stole it - so how could she govern?

If I was advising Hillary, I'd tell her to get out .
Politics is all about racial poison these days - how can anybody win?

Since she would refuse to get out, I'd try to float a 5-week "Cone of Silence."
No interviews, no speeches, everything behind closed doors.

That would starve the press whore monster - cold turkey.
A little starvation might cause them to THINK instead of spewing racial hate.
It would also give us 5 weeks to breathe before the 2-week PA campaign

But they won't do it, so the war continues.

It seems as if Hillary Clinton has support from long-time Democratic voters, 
which is a good thing because she will be a popular candidate with the base.

You could be right, but I'm not sure who the base is these days.

Obama has some long-time Democrat support, but, a lot of his supporters are 
Independents, first time voters or youngsters (those of us under 30). 

I believe Bill Clinton had pointed out that Hillary supporters would be more willing 
to vote for Obama than Obama supporters would be willing to vote for Clinton.

I think that's true. Nobody hates Obama, as far as I know, because 
he's is too new on the national stage to have long-time enemies..

The issue of Independent support is crucial because for Democrats to pick up
more seats in the House and Senate, they'll need Independent voters to swing their way. 
If the Democrats can't 'win over' Indpendent voters, it is likely there will be stong 
Independent support for House and Senate races as well.

John McCain is very strong with Independents, so if he wins the majority of their support, 
there is also a good chance they will vote for Republicans running for other offices.

Are voices of reason going to prevail once a nominee has been decided? 

In the Democratic party?   No way.
Democrats have a suicide fetish.

A few months ago, we had the White House won,
but then Democrats saw something that they wanted more than victory.

Or, will hard feelings linger to the point where not only the general election 
will be compromised, but important Congressional races won't turn out the 
Democrats way because of all the infighting?

It's always a safe bet that the Dems will fuck things up.

It's amazing that McCain, who was so unpopular within parts of the GOP, has several months 
to win over conservative voters (and we already know he runs strong with Independents), 
while the Democrats are tearing each other down.  It's a nightmare--and it doesn't seem 
like there is a perfect solution.
 Mr. Cuin

Nightmare is a good name for what we're going thru
and will continue going thru for the foreseeable future.

I wish I was a religious man. 

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