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Subject: Obambam and bart, the democrat dinasaur

Mr. Bart,

Your ‘humorous' site was fun as you speared boosh&cabal the 8 years they were in office.  
But you haven't noticed they were voted out a full 9 months ago?  

Yes, I am aware they're no longer in office.
Asking that question was borderline stupid.

Your site Still focuses almost exclusively them.  
You have turned your site into a somewhat sad dinosaur.

You think the crazy sons of bitches are defeated?
Last poll, 57% of rethugs want brain-dead Palin to run the planet.
...and I should stop mocking the party of religiously insane warmongers?

Check out the statistics on the subjects of a recent posting:
Boosh - 10
Cheney - 6
Palin - 7
Rove/McPain/Yoo - 3
Various Rethugs - 15 (including ZellMiller?!)
Total: 41

Instead of doing all that counting, why not try to make a point?

Compare that to your in-depth coverage of obambam and Dems:
obambam-as-victim - 1
obambam - 2 (1 being a cartoon)
dems - 1
Total: 3

I'm in the ridicule/sarcasm humor business.
You're surprised I talk about the bad guys more than the good guys?

How funny would it be for Chris Rock to point out the similarities 
between whites and Blacks?  

Other/miscellaneous subjects:
faux & friends/media: 10
Cronkite's death: 8
miscellaneous - 17 (including Katrina-as-boosh-slam, which happened how many years ago? 4)

The lying whore media is hurting this country and Cronkite was maybe our last honest newsman.
Should a political humor site not mention such things?

The only current legislation you touch on is healthcare (3 times) - including your quote, 
"...the lobbyists are bribing the crooked Republicans to screw you.."  
Don't you realize Dems control both the Executive and Legislative branches of government now?

Another extra-stupid question.
You might have a valid point somewhere, but instead of making it, you stay in stupid question mode.
Yes, the Blue Dogs are semi-Rethugs and I point that out constantly.
I can't explain why they are fucking with Obama but they seem to have come to a compromise of some kind.

And where are your anti-war rants?  Why do you not still post the photos of fallen-soldier coffins?  
And statistics of dead and injured soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Do you not realize obombomb 
has escalated the illegal invasion of Afghanistan?  That US soldier casualties have seriously increased 
these past few weeks?  Where is your outrage?  Are you anti-war only when a rethug is preznit?

Clearly you need to go to smarter-question school.

Obama is winding down the war in Iraq.
Yesterday's headline was "Gates says troops may come home early."
Do you want me to attack Obama for (mostly) keeping his word?

I stopped doing daily body counts maybe a year ago - sorry you didn't notice.

The "illegal" invasion of Afghanistan?

You seem to be saying another 9-11 is impossible - I disagree.
US soldier casualties have increased because Obama is attacking.
I think that's better than a stalemate slogging on, year after year.

Unlike the Bush bastards, Obama isn't making millions of dollars every day the war rages.

Obama's trying to solve our problems and I'm behind him on that..
Why aren't you?

Calling our president "obambam" tells me you've either turned Rethug OR
more likely, you're still hoping Hillary can somehow win the 2008 race.

...and you think MY head is stuck in the past?

You have failed to make yourself clear so I am forced to make assumptions.
I'm guessing you're anti-war no matter how many Americans are murdered?
That makes you crazy.

Should FDR have ignored Pearl Harbor, too?
Your Kucinishesque approach to foreign policy is lost on me.
Fightingn a war is a horrible thing but it beats the fuck out of surrender.

Is your site-theory ‘if you can't say anything nice about the Dems (there's not much), 
don't say anything but just dredge up the horror of the past administration'?   

Is there no end to the extra-stupid questions?
I've been beating up Rethugs since February of 1996.
You want me to stop now? 
Should I go on hiatus until the Thugs decide on a leader?

Have to admit, your fierce adherence to a pro-dem stance 
puts you in a pretty tough position these days. 
All the best with your efforts.

So, I shouldn't attack the Rethugs and I shouldn't be pro-Dem..
What the fuck to you want from me?

I have an idea:
Why don't YOU start a blog and show me how it's done?

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