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Subject: Bush fails - and Mrs. Bart

Hey Bart,

Great response to that article about our handjob President! 


I am not totally anti-Hillary, but somehow from 1/20/93 till 1/19/2001, gas prices stayed 
pretty reasonable.  How did that happen?  Maybe, no war, running budget surpluses, 
and strong consumer sentiment had something to do with it. 

Sure, our only problems were Monica and how to spend the surplus.
That's what happens when a Democrat is in the White House.

I don't dislike Hillary, in the same way I don't dislike Mrs. Bart, 
but if something happened, could she run the website, or do BCR? 
I say probably not.

Keep Swingin',
Paul in Louisville 

Paul, Mrs. Bart is shy and non-confrontational and absurdly honest.
She could do "a" page, but probably not this page.

I've been trying to talk her into doing a column - to introduce herself,
but she can't imagine anyone wanting to hear her opinion, which once again
shows how different she is from her brain-dead, knows-everything husband.

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