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Subject: those race-baiting Clintons

Spin it all you want.

Well, ... good morning to you, too Danny.
How's the weather in Lower Reading Comprehension, Michigan today?

Hillary & Bill are playing the race card. That's why they lost.

Dude, check out the letters in this next sentence:

C-a-n    y-o-u    e-x-p-l-a-i-n    t-h-a-t?

When I ask someone to explain, they say,
"Oh, come on!!  You know how guilty they are!!!"

Christ, it's like getting a straight answer on NAFTA

If there was someone in the world with Internet access that could explain (and prove)
NAFTA's harm, I'd likely be against NAFTA, too - but nobody can say why they hate it.

And sadly, the reason she helped out McCain...

Objection- fabricates horse hockey evidence out of a losing debate position.
If you're going to cheat, could you cheat more clearly and cleverly? much with her stupid statements is all about her pipe dream for 2012, when she thinks
she will have a shot to unseat McCain. Her & Bill have once again fucked it up.
 Danny Detroit, off the glue 44 days in a row

Danny, I prescribe cannibis therapy mostly for extra-excitable people and religious zealots.
A small percentage of people resist cannibis therapy because some claim it dulls their senses.

But for you, it might be a step up.

We can get thru this with humor. Let's remember we're all on the same side
and we'll get past this and we'll crush Fascist Republican monkey balls in November.

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