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Subject: Rachel

The idea that Rachel Madow is "far left" because you can't find anyone with a show
on tv to her left is the most preposterous argument you've ever made.

It's preposterous to call a Lefty a Lefty?
Why are some Lefties ashamed of that label?
That's how me and my brothers in the AFL-CIO have gotten branded as socialists
by every right winger who has a talk show or gets invited on one.
But, what if there were 50 unions and your AFL-CIO was the most Leftist?

There is no one who is "far left" on the airwaves as far as I know. 
Certainly no one on tv.
I agree with Rachel about what she said about Clinton.

So, our ONLY double winner is a Republican?
According to you, are choices are being losers or being Rethugs?

And if Rachel isn't Queen of the Left, why is she attacking Clinton?
Because compared to her, he's soooooooooo far to the right?
Isn't that proof how far to the Left she is?
Oh, yeah. The discussion was about position on the political spectrum -- where does
"pragmatist" fall on the spectrum? Same place as "centrist," or "opportunist"?

Now don't go getting pissed off on me, I just don't think you understand the argument.
Or that tv doesn't even try to offer the full spectrum.

It just KILLS me that the Clintons gave us the blueprint for continued success
and we peed on them, belittled them and helped the GOP lynch them.

Oh, and thern we labled them "racists" for history's sake.

Got a mirror?
What if more than half the GOP currently labeled Reagan, "a Lefty faggot?"

But no, they don't do that to their heroes.


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