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Subject: Rand Paul

Rand Paul is right about government being too big. 

But that's like saying, "A cool breeze feels good in the summer." 
Nobody is for "bigger" government.
Nobody wants to pay more taxes.
That's just crap the GOP says - it's code for "niggers are lazy."

Since itís necessary to burn 35% of our daily oil consumption to keep our military 
machine running, heís also right about our military excesses being too large as well. 

Rand Paul is running against military spending as a Republican?
That makes him crazier than I thought he was.

If you can show me one politician you can agree with 100%, 
you must be getting paid by them.

You could make your point without pointless accusations.

The subject is racism:
Every time Paul speaks anti-Black code, he makes more money.
And when the "Boston elites back East" call Paul a racist, he can say 
"The media elites don't have our good Kentucky values" which means racism,
and he makes more money still.

They can't openly say "Niggers are lazy and the free ride is over" so they say, 
"We want smaller government and civil rights is a local issue, not federal."

That's why Reagan often spoke of the "welfare queens" and their Cadillacs.
It's code for the Pigbots.  They eat that shit up.

...and the Scaifes, the Murdochs and the Moonies can't write their checks fast enough.

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