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Randi's Mental Health

   "I've lost my freakin' mind."

 Recently, hell, it could've been the last issue, I said I thought I could eventually get past
 the river of horseshit that's been coming from Randi's mouth - but that's changed.

 Click to hear 45 seconds of unedited proof from 5-22-08

  Thursday, 48 minutes into her first hour, she told her audience that she had some real dirt
 on the Clintons, but she couldn't talk about the real dirt, "because I like being alive."

 Randi Rhodes has lost her mind - her Hillary-hate finally drove her crazy. 
 She's giving us her personal Nancy Grace Guarantee that the Clintons murder people.

 Randi has put herself on Jerry Falwell's Clinton Body Count.

 Was does  about about Randi's idiotic claims?

 How can anybody take Randi seriously after she claims she has secret evidence 
 against the Clintons, but she can't say what it is because they'll kill her.

 I thought you had to listen to Michael Savage to hear goofy shit like that.

"Hillary wants me dead, too!"

 Randi has become Rush Limbaugh.
 She has become exactly what she used to ridicule - like what happened to Dennis Miller .
 Randi's Hillary-hate has pushed her mind into a bad place.

 That's sad. 
 I'm so old, I remember when Randi made sense..

 I hope she can eventually find her way back..

 Note:  If you agree with Randi, if you think the Clintons murder people I'd like to hear from you.

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