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Subject: James Randi, Judy Wood and the 9-11 CTs
Hey Big Bart!
The page, once again, was rocking big time today.  I liked the comment you posted from the guy
praising both your page and your radio shows.  Lots of similarities to what I've said and I'm sure what
so many others have mentioned to you.  You have a unique style of commenting that is quite appealing. 
I think it has to do with honesty.  Folks can punch through your prose and know that they're getting
the real McCoy.  Even if there are disagreements here and there.  I always respect a man who's honest. 
Wish I was flush, Big Bart, instead of struggling to find two nickels to rub together.  We writers do starve. 
If I had it, though, I'd float some serious cash your way.
Well, glad James Randi got mentioned on your site today!  You probably remember him being on
Johnny Carson - more than 50 times if I remember.  Carson liked Randi quite a lot, not the least reason
of which Carson dabbled in magic show fare and conjuring. 

You'd like this, Big Bart: Randi was able to halt the ripoff spun by Peter Popoff, the televangelist,
by proving he had a radio transmitter feeding him "hidden" information about his audience. 
Which Popoff "miraculously" divined.  Shut him down - for awhile.  But folks forget and I think
Popoff is back in business.  They never learn. 

If you ever get a chance to see the 1993 PBS NOVA episode called: Secrets of the Psychics, it's all
about Randi and his work.  It's excellent, and being a skeptical sort myself, drew me to his JREF
organization when he formed it in 1996.  And yes - he does have what we JREFers call the "MDC"
- the Million Dollar Challenge, for absolutely proving a psychic phenomenon.  Demonstratable. 
So far - unclaimed.
That poster you thoughfully highlighted, concerning his grandstanding for Dr. Judy Wood. 
Oh my, Bart.  Oh my my my.  We know that all things are a matter of degree up and down the line in life. 
Conspiracy theorists on 9-11 come in all stripes, flavors, modes, what have you.  Yet the preposterousness
of what Wood claims - that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were felled by a Directed Energy Weapon? 

Apparently, an orbiting particle beam weapon.  Which (and I researched this) would have to be the size
of an earthbound electricity generating power plant!  I remember seeing a video of her, Bart; she was
actually being interviewed by another 9-11 CT, kind of a slick PR-type.  It was painful to watch. 
Even for me, obviously in the non-CT camp.  It was just embarrassing, she looked so pitifully foolish.
Like I said - you get them all in the CT world.  Like the diversity within religious organizations.
What JREF has done is establish a place where the CTs can try their luck.  That particular subforum still,
I believe, garners the most attention of all the activity there.  You almost have pity on the conspiracy
theorists - especially the new ones - because you know the paces through which they will soon be put. 
It can become like the Marianas Turkey Shoot of WW2, at times.
Anyway thanks again Big Man for the great page, site, and radio shows,
and spare no downward force with The Hammer!

Dave, thanks for that.



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