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McCain-Palin: Special Rights for Rapists?
   by Faun Otter

Refusing to have an abortion or persuading your unwed teen not to have an abortion are reasonable choices. 
However McCain-Palin are not reasonable and they don't want people to have reasonable choices. 
McCain, Bush and Palin all want to pass laws that would result in compulsory pregnancies for many rape victims.

That sounds outrageous and it is.
But it is also true.

I'm unsurprised that Palin is ducking all questions with a mere 4 1/2 months until the moment she could
become President. It is hard for her to answer how she justifies her policy of special rights for the children 
of rapists. So why not ask McCain? He is no maverick or moderate on abortion rights. McCain agrees 
with Bush, as on so many policies, that rapist's children should not be aborted by the rapist's victims

You might think that rape rarely leads to pregnancy. Think again. 
There are an estimated 3,200 women become pregnant as a result of rapes each year in the US. 
McCain-Palin want to make it illegal for these victims to abort the rapist's off-spring.

Only 6% of all rapists spend anytime at all in jail for their actions. Is it fair on the traumatized victims of rape, 
over 3,000 American women every year, to have to go through with a pregnancy arising from the violent 
abuse of a rape? What does McCain propose doing with the rapist's children he is protecting? Will McCain 
add further insult and injury to the rape victims by forcing them to raise and care for the rapist's children? 
As always, this McCain-Bush social experiment has not been thought through beyond the dogma of "no abortions ever."  

Policies have consequences; victims of sexual assault are 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide. 
The mental devastation of being raped and then forced by McCain to carry the rapist's child to term,
with all the inherent health risks to the mother, can only be imagined. It is very likely to involve 
substantially increased suicide rates for rape victims. 

I propose the policy of compulsory pregnancy for rape victims to be the worst McCain-Bush-Palin 
policy from their large collection of bad policies.

Rape statistics from:

McCain policy on compulsory pregnancy for rape victims:

Palin policy on compulsory pregnancy for rape victims:

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