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Friend of Bart's wins GOLD AWARD for "Best Score for a Short Film"

   February 28, 2007 (Austin, TX) - Guitarist Rick del Castillo, of the Latin-rock band Del Castillo, 
scored big and won the prestigious "Gold Award" (January 28) at the Park City Film Music Festival, 
which runs concurrent with the Sundance Film Festival. The "Gold Award" honors the best use of 
music in a short film. Rick composed the score - one of over one thousand entries submitted to 
the festival - for the short film Killing Snakes.

  "I've done music cues for Robert Rodriguez's films, some on acoustic and others on electric guitar, 
and our band Del Castillo had a song in the soundtrack for Once Upon A Time In Mexico but this is 
the first time I composed an entire score for a film incorporating traditional nylon guitar with rock 
drums along with full orchestration" said del Castillo. Most of the compositions were written while 
Del Castillo was on tour and later recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, Bratislava Recording 
Studio in Slovakia, and Del Castillo's own Smilin' Castle Studio in Austin, Texas. "Director Carl Thiel 
gave me good instructions on where to place some of the cues" del Castillo said.

  Killing Snakes is the story of two childhood friends who go to Spain and get caught up in the 
drug world of an obsessive kingpin, ending up in a 'no holds barred' polo game. Along with 
del Castillo, the short film was co-written with Martina Amende Kreidl , who has worked with 
Robert Redford on A River Runs Through It. "It was inspiring to have the music before much of 
the film was shot and being at Abbey Road was a highlight of our Killing Snakes experience," 
said Amende Kreidl. The film features talent from Austin: Carl Thiel, director/editor; 
Martina Amende Kreidl, producer/co-writer; Rick del Castillo, co-writer/composer; 
starring Cecilio Ruiz, Doc Ruiz, Scott Roddan, Albert Besteiro, Alex Ruiz and Rick del Castillo. 
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