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Subject: Hillary: From inevitable to impossible

Bart, she doesnt have the common sense to throw in the towel, 
even when the writing is on the wall...

The writing is on the wall?
Are you giving your Nancy Grace Guarantee that she'll lose Texas and Ohio?

And would that be the same guarantee we got that she'd lose MA and NV?
One other question is...... Do you?

If she fails to win both states, I'm advising her to withdraw.
If that's not good enough, you always have the option to blow me.

"Top campaign aides privately admit the situation is "grim" and say the campaign 
is spending money it doesn't have and using a "shotgun approach" to attack Obama 
by "throwing everything we have at him."

If her name was Kerry, she would've quit a looooooong time ago.
One big reason I like her is BECAUSE she doesn't fold early.

Odds are Obama will win, but right now he's maybe 4 % ahead of her.
Why would you want a Democrat to give up so quickly?

Aides say Clinton's trademark campaign smile disappears the second she walks off stage 
and that she stalks away from aids and closets herself in her hotel suites between appearances.

ha ha
You want her to smile when she's alone or walking thru a dark tunnel?
And she stalks?  Is that anything like walking?

You can tell by the handjob adjectives that this writer, like most writers, 
hates Hillary's fucking guts and would enjoy peeing on her grave, sooner rather than later.
For these types of sons-of-bitches, (Not you, probably :) winning isn't enough.
They want her dead and her name erased from everyone's memory.

And what do you think Mr. Perfect does between appearances?
You think he doesn't "closet himself" in his hotel suite? 
You see how their hatred prevents them from thinking?

"While the official campaign spin out says Clinton will fight on to the convention in Denver, 
the reality for most campaign staff members is that -- barring a miracle large-marking win 
in both Ohio and Texas, the campaign is effectively over when the results come in that night."

What does this Hillary-hating writer expect her to do?
Release a statement saying she'll quit the minute things get tough?

She's probably going to be out of this race in 3 days, but some assholes
can't resist getting their shots in while her body is still warm.

That prick with the Hillary is a c-word website?

He can either fold his site and go home OR he can put Michelle in Her place
- and then I think we'll see a few Democrats express some outrage.

"With morale in the dumpster, the blame game escalates with most of the fault found 
with Clinton herself, her husband and campaign chief strategist Mark Penn."
 Robert in Seattle 

There's a shocker!
Blaming those in charge when a campaign fails?
That's never happened in the history of politics - right?

Will common sense get back in vogue once She leaves the national stage?

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