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Subject: Reagan's deregulation 

Am I missing the underlying manner used by the conservative neocons theft of America?  I have an observation about the 
neoconservative political movement. Many thought the republican party was doomed to the dustbin of history after Nixon 
resigned in disgrace, avoiding impeachment. Republicans merely withdrew and began a slow and meticulous effort to regain 
power and keep it. Ronald Reagan, in his greatest role as an actor, was to be the great corrector of all things Roosevelt did wrong.

They and their business allies began acquiring all aspects of mass media. They had achieved this goal by the mid to late Ď80s. 
Why was this control central to their plans returning them to power?   The FCC in an attempt to ensure that all coverage of 
controversial issues by a broadcast station be balanced and fair adopted the fairness doctrine.  The FCC took the view, in 1949, 
that station licensees were "public trustees," and as such had an obligation to afford reasonable opportunity for discussion of 
contrasting points of view on controversial issues of public importance.  Reagan knew if the media takeover were to be effective 
this fairness doctrine must end. 

Reagan did just that, effectively denying we citizens the right to have all aspects of any controversial issue presented to us in a 
timely fashion. Regardless of the naysayers, this one-sided argument has forever damaged a number of this generationís young 
white males ability to make reasoned choices. So, why didnít the democrat party try to get a fairness doctrine legislated or at 
the least, reinstituted by the FCC? I believe the democrat party, lost in the idea of their own invincibility, ignored it.  Now we 
citizens are ensured of hearing one side of any political debate over and over, a fair and balanced debate is hardly possible. 
The lack of a clear, defined and ethical senate and representative leadership has maimed democrat party.

Reaganís massive deregulation was the key to generate great wealth over a short period of time without regard to consequence. 
The Reaganiteís desire to return to post Roosevelt governance was the birth of unpatriotic greed. The Reaganites were so intent 
on destroying all federal social programs such as SS, they purposively spent heavily on military and other dead end money pools 
to create a massive federal debt liability. Their intent was to spend so much at the federal level all social programs would have to 
be discontinued for the US to stay solvent. The Social Security Fund was and is the republican grail of privatization nirvana. 

All that money lying around just waiting to be acquired. For those who still remain lukewarm on the issue, think of this. The republican 
politicians have never argued that Social Security tax should cease, they argue that the taxes should go to a private entity for individual 
taxpayer investment. We see what deregulation has brought to the financial markets, that is social security waiting to happen if we allow
any form of social security modification, privatization or reforms. And you wondered why Grover Norquist worships Reagan.

Sometime during Reaganís political role he acquired a group of young energetic reactionary republicans to assist him in obtaining 
his regressive goals. These activists, borrowing ideas and concepts from the radical student movement of the '60s, developed and 
implemented a political strategy focused on attack politics of negativism, jingoism and deception. This new republican was not 
interested in politics for lofty ideological endeavors, they were interested in ensuring an ability to maintain centralized power once 
achieved.   The 2000 presidential election was the first test to gain and remain in power. With the assistance of five treasonous 
(my belief) supreme court justices, the nation endured its first political coup. Over the desire and votes of we citizens, and with the 
specific assistance of his brother Jeb Bush, then governor of Florida, and activist jurist Antonin Scalia, GW Bush was declared 
the 43rd president. What followed was a disaster for the nation as a whole. They were able to maintain power in 2004 thatís to 
an effort by Kenneth Blackwell, Ohioís Secretary of State, to confound, confuse and corrupt the polling in Ohio. 

There were many examples of this during the 8 years of Bush/Cheney. I believe we came perilously close to losing our 
Constitutional separation of powers. The Democratic leadership in the house and senate were for all practical purposes, AWOL.

The fruits of Antonin Scaliaís stay on counting votes in Florida, are small minded and bitter indeed. The list of atrocities, cover-ups, 
lies, thefts, acts of treason etc., are of such magnitude that I can hardly comprehend, let alone list them all. The extent of the republican 
corruption is mind boggling. It was we citizens who finally stood up to this tyranny and said no more. We elected a president who 
promised a change in Washington DC. Yet, now I am beginning to have reservations. 

Not with his diplomacy nor his economic programs, it is his requesting the Courts to allow the continuation of constitutional violations
of electronic and telephonic eavesdropping implemented by Bush and so despised by we citizens. His declination to investigate the 
criminal acts of Bush/Cheney administration especially the treasonous act of publicly identifying an active covert cia agent in a time of war. 

Other acts are just as reprehensible. If we are truly a nation of laws, a society predicated on laws, how is it possible for a sitting president 
to consciously overlook blatant violations of laws, simply because he is looking forward? I believe he has a constitutional obligation to 
pursue these investigations. The unfocused, ineffective democrat senate leadership has certainly provided a fertile patch for lawlessness. 
Given this weak democrat leadership, conservative control of the media and the proclivity to overlook the crimes of another politician 
has me worried about the future of the democrat party but more importantly has me very worried about the future of America, the home 
of the free, the home of the brave. 
 William Mitchell


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