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Subject: The real Obama?

A man can only take so much.  I know that you want to do the right thing, be a team player, and support Obama.
And through you I got in touch with my Christian side; I forgave him on flip-flopping on campaign finance reform;
Siding with the Bush/Roberts Supreme Court on the death penalty the ban on handguns; Pandering to evangelicals;
throwing Bill Clinton, his church, the Democratic Party, Move On, DK, Scarlett Johanson, his grandmother, 
black men, all women voters, and the Constitution all under the bus.  BUT

When this (gentleman) starts considering Robert (Iran/Contra) Gates to stay on as his Sec. of Defense,
the game's over dude.  This is Bush's third term.  I know you are a man of principle but for God's sake

Stop backing this sociopath.  Save yourself.

We only have two choices - Obama or McCain, so I'm going with Obama.
I understand that we Democrats can't accomplish anything unless we win, 
so I don't care how he gets there - I just want a Democratic president.

Also, the report that he claims he's considering Gates means nothing.
I could drive three trucks thru that last sentence.

Wild Sidebar:
You think Hillary's going to make another run at the convention?
A lot of Lefties are super-angry with Obama right now...

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