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Subject: It's a very real problem, Bart 

You are dead on, Bart.  These tea baggers cannot stop now until they have their battles.  
They think they live in Lexington or Concord and this is the fight for their freedom.  
They are nuts, pure and simple, and they’d slaughter anyone who disagrees with them.  
Give them time and they’ll get up to it.  This needs to be stopped now, if it still can be.
 Michael in Marietta

Subject: It's a very real problem, Bart 

Big problem too, even people who I always thought of as fair thinkers are saying anti-Obama stuff. 
It's like there is mass hysteria and the media is riding it and us into the ground.

I can't believe the hate I'm hearing all over.
 Rob, who's getting to be a fixture around here 

Subject: It's a very real problem, Bart 

David B 


Subject: Right on!

I agree with you 100%. My wife gets upset with me when I get upset about the bullshit the reich wing is pulling. 
The thing is- what the fuck do they want?  These nuts think if the government collapses, they will be happy as pigs in shit. 
What they don't get is 1-the government is US, they are not alien overlords, but people who try to help us make sure our 
roads are in shape, our food isn't poisoned, our water wells don't have slime in them, our neighbors don't abduct our children
for sex slaves, drug lords don't take over our towns, meth labs don't blow up in the house next door, etc etc. 

Are all of these folks going to live in their own little huts, growing all their own food, milking goats and shooting anyone 
who comes onto their 'propity'- of course, without any kind of government, property will be up to interpretation. 
"I think your land actually belongs to me, so me and some of the boys are taking it back."

-2- that's where it heads- rule by whoever is the biggest bastard and whoever can corral the biggest, meanest bunch of 
bastards to help them. Doesn't anyone watch real news anymore? There are always people who think they know better 
how you should live your life. Do they really want their town to be run by drug lords, gangs, white supremecist Nazi groups, 
or pseudo-religious wackos? They need to read the news, look at other countries, chaos and anarchy do not lead to peace 
and being 'left alone', they lead to more chaos, murder, enslavement, collapse of social systems, real dictators, child soldiers 
and worse. But they need to rant about someone calling a republican an asshole, while responding by calling anyone they 
disagree with much worse, like baby/grandma killers. Beck and limbaugh should have a circle jerk and die
 Ron D

Subject: It's a very real problem, Bart 

It’s HUGE problem.  
It needs to be forcefully addressed by every Dem and, if there any, Repubs, who understand public healthcare 
can be a very good for the citizens of this country.

It needs to be repeated every time one of them gets on the air or at any scream-a-palooza town hall beating.
List the facts, turn on the light because when you turn on the light and most roaches will run back into the dark.
I talk about it every day, every chance I get.

This weekend we took the granddaughter to an Orlando theme park and I got into a conversation with two 
British guys while we all waited in line.  They said they like their system, admitted they pay higher taxes 
(I wonder if what they pay can really be measured against bankruptcy a person in the US may face in our system) 
and sometimes have to wait for certain things.

When a Joe the Plumber wanna-be behind us started regurgitating whatever he’d heard over the airwaves one of 
the Brits looked him straight in the eye and said our citizens don’t wait and get so sick they have to go to the ER 
nor would we lose our home because of expensive needed care.  Who covers you?

The guy got red in the face and left the line dragging his kids with him.
Like I said, turn on the light and roaches run.   

Subject: It's a very real problem, Bart 



Subject: I'm beginning to believe you Bart

I am from Ohio where we don't have as many frothing crazies.  
From here, the problem you describe is not so obvious.  
We in the rational part of America, seem pretty placid. 
I just got a text out of the blue from a friend of mine who now lives in Texas asking. 
"after all Obama has done, do you still support him?"  I am still outraged.  My reply was 
"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?  Don't believe the bullshit you are hearing from 
Rush, Hannity or that nutbag Beck!"
The crazy right is working itself into a frenzy.  This truly is a powder keg 
ready to explode if the administration doesn't get a handle on this.
 Jim in Ohio

Subject: Darn tootin' it's a problem!

Here's hoping the silent majority of sane people just going about there lives will wake up 
and realize that these idiots on the extremes are actual able to change some things due to being vocal.  
Now, if only sanity could be vocal and empower change. Oh well.
 Eric G

Subject: I'm beginning to believe you Bart

Jim L

Only a Nazi could want health care for poor people and the middle class.

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