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Subject: Dems can't get out of each other's way...

Bart, thanks for taking sides in the campaign for Prez. 

It's called "being honest." 
Do you want me to lie to you?

Every Democrat with an audience has a strong opinion,
I'm telling you straight out what mine is - unlike most others..

Arianna and Bob Parry and Andrew Sullivan will all tell you they're neutral,
but every word they write calls that claim into question.

Neither Presidential frontrunner is looking “Presidential” but rather are 
bickering and saying such negative things about each other that neither 
seems attractive as candidates.

It's called an open political campaign. 
If you're under 90, you've never seen an open campaign before.

However your site’s support of Hillary and other’s support of Barack splits democrats. 

You might be right, but the split is 98-to-2, as far as I can tell..

It gives the whole thing an “our camp versus their camp” feeling. 
The blogs and Web sites should be neutral and support the candidate 
who wins the nomination. 

That's what I'm going to do, unlike the other web sites.

If Hillary loses, do you think anyone will tune into your site for 
good vibes on Barack, no you will have lost you credibility. 
Likewise for those supporting Obama.

Some people are going to go off the deep end no matter what I do,
so I'm going to have a good time every day and not worry about them.

These site support of candidates have turned me off to them. 

Not sure what what means, but this is a political humor page
and the politiccal races that effect all of us are going on right now.
Do you get angry when sports writers cover the Super Bowl?

So have a nice life bashing Obama, 

There you go again - show me one quote where I bashed Obama.
You can't, because it didn't happen. Your mind was made up that
you were going to read Obama bashing here and now it's closed

I will not be tuning in anymore because I plan to support the party’s 
candidate and would ate for you to poison my perception of that candidate.

Tony, I suggest you avoid your TV, your computer and the paper.

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