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Robert Redford's letter to Obama
 Time to lead us into a green energy future

The oil disaster in the gulf is a direct result of the failed energy policies of the past and underscores 
our country's destructive dependence on dirty and dangerous fossil fuels.  That is why I am writing
today to ask you to put America on a path to a clean energy future.

I call on you to reach out to both parties and demand that they deliver comprehensive climate 
and energy legislation to your desk this year. Strong and effective legislation that requires oil companies 
to cut their pollution each year would transform the country's energy system, create millions of new jobs 
and new economic opportunities, reduce the risk of future oil spills and curb the threat of global warming. 

We need you to roll up your sleeves -- as you did in Copenhagen on climate and here at home on health care 
and reforming Wall Street -- to negotiate to make sure those who just want to obstruct and delay do not prevail.

Please use all your influence to ensure that the Senate develops and passes 
clean energy and climate legislation this year.
 Robert Redford

Think of the points Obama would get from the media if he "pulled a JFK" and 
called for America to be 80% off oil by the end of the decade.

The press would eat that with a big-ass spoon.

And if they did it right (I know, we're talking about Democrats...) they could even have
Obama use JFK's gestures and steal a few phrases so the braindead press catches it.

Then have Huffington and Kos re-do their stories about the "eerie similarities" between JFK and Obama.

Obama could lead us away from that awful goo that destroyed the Gulf AND be the hero.

Just think - by 2010 we could have have 80% of private vehicles on battery-powered cars.
(Don't write and say the batteries need to be charged.   I know it's not magic)

But does Obama have the desire to lead?

If he leads, someone might be disappointed in him - and he can't have that. 
Boner and The Bitch won't like it if Obama says we're getting off oil in ten years.

Here is your chance, Mr President. Make the GOP own this oil spill 
because YOU are the guy who wants us off oil in the next ten years - Do it!.

Make them oil's champions while YOU claim the clean future.

America wins and you're the smartest, best president ever.

But you have to wake up and come to work to make that happen.

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