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Subject: your computer repair business 

Regarding your "computer repair business" -
Actually I tried to tell you this almost 3 years ago exactly.

That's me - three years behiond on everyting  :)

I had seen your weekly complaints about minor PC issues causing you major stress and wanted to help you (for free!).
99% of your problems are quite small, but obviously annoying to you.  And in almost all cases, it is 30 seconds
for me to fix it rather than 30 minutes to explain to you by mail how to do it.

Regarding your business plan -
One problem that I encounter constantly is that many people have some apprehension about someone accessing their computer remotely.
People get a little worried that someone could access their system afterwards, etc etc. or that they can access personal data, etc etc.
I know it's nonsense, but people (especially non-technical folks) worry about stuff like that.

That's why I put my name in the titlew of the business - to let people know I was personally involved
and I can stand behind my tech's integrity until long after the cows come home.

The people who know about remote access are already using it, and the ones who aren't, probably are a tough sell.

But if you're choices are turning your computer over to a complete stranger, who may or may not be competent
or the guy Bartcop went into business with - seems like a no-brainer, but then *I* would think that.

So, good luck with that. I hope it can work out for you,
but it's a difficult thing to convince people to do.

Best regards to Mrs. Bart and the cats,
 Jeff in Tokyo

I realize that nobody really knows someone, especially on the Internet, but I've been
here a long time and I'm not going anywhere soon unless a peach truck gets real lucky.

If you have to trust a stranger, why not trust an old friend you've been reading for a decade?

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