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Subject: A respectful comment

Bart, you wrote:

> ...if Obama wins the nomination and the White House and becomes our best president ever,
> I'll be honest and admit that I was slow to recognize his greatness.

I "suggest" that you stop the pro-Hillary/negative-Obama slant on your web site and focus on an all
anti-McCain & anti-Bush/Cheney direction. Personally, I favor Obama but I don't send any negative
material or cartoons about Hillary or Bill to my lengthy mail group list, nor do I send any pro-Obama stuff.

Really? You think that sentence is out of line?
It's become wrong to have opinions?

I have no problem coming up with material about Bush, Cheney, McBush , et al.  I don't want to antagonize
or turn-off any of my friends and you shouldn't risk alienating any of your loyal readers. Afterall, the real enemies
are WPE, BFEE, and McBUSH (McSAME, McSHAME, etc).

The tone of your site is probably turning-off 50% of your faithful . Why do that??
Please go back to attacking Bush, Cheney, McBush, and Republicans. (Obama is NOT the enemy ! )
Thank you.

Stan & Sue,  Lebanon, PA

Stan & Sue, I hear you, believe me, but it's not that simple.

What you call "the pro-Hillary/negative-Obama slant" is my political opinion.
How can I stop having that political opinion when it's the biggest story of our time?
And I'm more "pro-Hillary" than I am "anti-Obama."

You a baseball fan?
Let's say I manage the St Louis Cardinals, and we're in the last game of the World Series.
We're behind 7-5 in the 9th, but I have the bases loaded and the pitcher is up.

I look at the bench and I see my slugger who won me two World Series so far,
and I see the new kid who's batting .300, ...but is unproven in clutch situations.

Picking one over the other shouldn't make old friends shun me.
Somehow, opting for the double World Series winner has done that.

Sure, the new kid could clear the bases and make us champions,
but my gut tells me going with the proven winner is a better stategy.
That decision has made a lot of old friends disappear.

But maybe Obama can finally win a big state and we can end this war.

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