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Subject: response to Robert in Seattle

Robert in Seattle wrote:

Recently, a long time Rancher, Robert Krenz, was murdered on his own property. Law Enforcement traced tracks 
back to the border, indicating an ILLEGAL murdered this man. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Krenz was shot and killed, and the person doing the shooting was more than likely in the country illegally, 
but may have actually been an American (see second link, though the Star isn’t releasing their unnamed source, of course).  
However, the shooter was looking for a route to smuggle marijuana…

See here:  or here:    

 So, what this really shows us is yet another reason to decriminalize marijuana, tax it and use the profits 
otherwise reserved for the pot dealers and their underground, billion dollar economy for some good in our country…

Please continue to swing the mighty hammer…
 Dennis in Portland

I had more - from Russ the Pillar but I lost it...

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