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Subject: Conservatives mock Gore on snowstorms

Conservatives are mocking Al Gore and global warming pointing to the snow storm 
burying the east cost in feet of snow. Republican leader Mitch McConnell quipped 
"Where's Al Gore Now?" and calling global warming "snake oil science".

What Conservatives don't seem to understand is that snow isn't a product of cold, it's a product of moisture. 
The warmer the planet gets the more water is in the air. That causes more rain and more snow. It's usually 
warmer when it snows in the winter than on days the sky is clear. Maybe if they put down their Bibles and 
picked up a science book they might understand that snow happens when it rains through cold air. So more 
snow actually is an effect of global warming, not because it's colder, but because it's wetter.

So I say to my conservative friends, turn to reality. Reality changed my life, it can change yours too!
 Marc Perkel
Founder of the Church of Reality 

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