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Subject: Obama vs Hillary

Hi Bart

I've been on the fence because both of them would make a fine candidate.
I am with you 100% in your admiration and touting of the Clinton campaign machine
-- it whacked the Repubs right upside the head twice in a row; in fact, I supported
Hillary because of this very fact.

But I've changed my thinking now that McCain is the presumptive Repug nominee.
I think you misunderestimate the hatred of McCain by the wingnuts.  They hate him
so bad that they would never, ever, ever, vote for him, UNLESS the person he was
facing in the campaign was named Clinton, who is like the Antichrist to these people.

You could be right, but the Fascist dogs have never before had the possibility of
being "ruled by a nigger," which are their words, not mine - that's what they'll say
and I'm sure because they say it constantly around me because I'm white.

They WILL come out to vote against Hillary, en masse.  The Repugs need this crazy
Christian vote to win, and if McCain is the nominee, they lose most if not all of those
people, UNLESS they're running against Hillary.

How do you square that with our last two losses? Both times we had smart, decent
military men, each with great records and impeccable credentials, but then the GOP
slime machine swooped in and gave them a shit makeover.  Our candidate can be
Jesus Christ himself, and unless he fights like a pitbull on meth, the GOP slime machine
will destroy him in voter's eyes and we'll lose a third time and then what - plan for 2012?
The facts are the facts: A Clinton on the ticket = 2 wins.    No Clinton = no wins.
I'm in the mood to win - how about you?

Barack lacks the baggage.

No, all we can say is the whore media has refused to look at his past.
He might have real problems - we won't know until he becomes our champion.
On the other side, you think there's some Clinton secret that they're holding back?

Sure, he'll get swiftboated, but, c'mon, all the Dems have to do is run pictures of
McCain smelling W's armpit and saying that we needed to stay in Iraq "100 years",
and they could run Ronald McDonald and win.   If it's a choice between Barack
and the same-old-white-guy from the Repubs, Dems win big, unstealable-big.

Keep swingin' that hammer, Bart, and stay outta the ice,
Rev. Jim
Preachin' the Gospel Truth in Suth'n Il'noyg

Rev Jim, you seem to be saying we can't lose with Obama.
I wish I shared your certainty.

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