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Subject: Enjoying the Kumbaya Yet?


Well, it looks like we're all on board now, eh? 
Most of my favourite bloggers and columnists (you,, Paul Krugman, etc) 
were for Hillary. A lot of your readers claimed they'd leave for good because first you were 
for Hillary (tougher fighter, 2% more liberal) in the primary election because they thought she 
was fighting *too* hard, and wasn't liberal enough. And they claimed they'd leave because you 
were for the Democrat in the general election, because he wasn't the one who lost the primary. 
We're a strange lot, us readers.

But now even the most ardent "Obamamaniacs" - DailyKos, Keith Olberman, and arguably 
Jon Stewart, are all on board with the assessment that Obama isn't perhaps quite the magic pony 
so many wanted to believe he was. Go figure.

Your readers came to you originally because you advocated not doing stupid things, even when 
the King of Doing Stupid Things was polling at a historic 90%. Now he's at 23% and you're still 
advocating not doing stupid things.

So, even though others have jumped on your band wagon again, 
and you've lost some credibility on your "low IQ" claim; 
I'm pretty sure your readers will be shuffling back :-)

-Rex Devious

PS. If you really want to goose up your readership base, you don't have to change your positions. 
Just try publishing your pages roughly 3 months after you've written them. By then, most people 
will agree with what they say already. 

Don't we all just *love* sites that say just what we believe? 
Mmm, you betcha!   Ka-ching! 

I'm going to take that as a compliment - I hope you meant it that way :)

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