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Rezko and Auchi

New attention is being focused on indirect connections between Iraqi-British billionaire
Nadhmi Auchi, who has been tied to illegal activities in Iraq and France, and Barack Obama.

Auchi gave at least $10.5 million to Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko, including a payment of $3.5 million
that coincided with Mr. Obama's purchase in 2005 of a $1.65 million Chicago house, the London Times
reported Tuesday. The newspaper said the timing of the payment and the house purchase, along with the
purchase of land next door by Mr. Rezko's wife Rita from the same seller, raise questions about
whether Auchi helped buy Obama's house.

Bill Burton, an Obama spokesman, would not answer when asked if Auchi helped buy Obama's house.
He said the senator did not recall ever meeting Auchi, who was convicted of corruption charges in France in 2003.

UPDATE: Since initial publication of this story, Mr. Burton has stated in an e-mail to Inside the Ring
that he flatly denies that Auchi indirectly helped Obama purchase the house.

Wouldn't it be better for Obama's campaign if his house wasn't owned by a Trust 
with possibly hidden or not publicly-revealed trustees or grantors or guarantors or leins?

I'm just saying - that's one less issue he'd have to defend this summer. 

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