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Subject: Obama's bizarro world

Bart, I really am lost now, please explain:

Back in february Obama's the next MLK/JFK in a much slicker Gen-Y wrapper, the Messiah of Hope... 
while she who shall not be named is nothing but a shrill bush clone.  The Audacious Hoper is raking in 
warehouses full of cash by appealing to the proggressive end of the spectrum, while the distinguished 
senator from New York is portrayed as practically in bed with every corporate interest, lobbying firm 
and more of the same from DC.

Once the primary is sealed, within a week he's over at AIPAC rattling sabers with Iran, and now -- this?!

Hillary Votes No on FISA, Obama Votes Yes

And here's the kicker --

Almighty Kos and Keith Obamann discussing their Messiah on FISA 2 weeks ago about how 
it would be "unforgivable" if Barack didn't hold true to his promise to filibuster the FISA bill.  

And what does Barack do today? 
Not only VOTE FOR CLOTURE on the bill, but actually vote yes on it.

The true kicker--
This exchange on the clip (around the 0:43 mark):

Olbermann: If he doesn't [fight the FISA bill], how much grassroots, netroost support 
does [Obama] stand to lose, if any?

Moulitsas: well, I don't think he's gonna lose any support, I mean let's be honest, 
I mean... it's either Obama or McCain, so we really don't have that much of a choice....

Can you believe the fuckwittery that passes for progressive pundits these days?

Let me restate something, just in case Markos missed it...

Hillary Votes No on FISA, Obama Votes Yes

Anyway, the clip goes on and on about how Obama is carrying the mantle for the progressive cause 
bla bla bla and how he hopes to be a good leader and put his hand on the bible and apple pie and 
rainbows in the sky and how they want to see him in action.

I wonder how raped, used and cheap all the obamaniacs feel today.  
What the fuck can possibly explain Obama's vote on this bill?

What the FUCK is going on with Barack Obama?


Clearly, Obama is a politician who wants power..

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