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 Subject: Bart, you've lost it [Snowden]


I am baffled by your stance on the Snowden thing. 
You truly believe he's a traitor for what he did?  Wow, Bart. 
You are only taking this stance because the president is a Democrat. 
This goes way beyond that.  You know perfectly well that Obama has
continued the police state/surveillance state that Bush II kicked in after 9/11.

There is no debate that Snowden is a traitor.
You can argue that he sold out America for reasons he believed were valid, but the facts are the facts.

As far as Obama's "crimes" you can say Obama failed to dismantle programs HE felt were saving lives.
Funny you'd give Snowden, who fled to Russia and Cuba, a pass, but won't give the benefit of the doubt
to Obama, who we've all known for many years.

Why does Snowden get a pass for doing what he thought was right but not Obama?

Seriously Bart, don't fucking tell me if Romney was president you'd be calling Snowden a traitor. 
He would be a hero to you.  And the saddest part is he would have done NOTHING different,
the only thing that would have changed is your perception, not his acts.

I don't have any heroes that fled to Russia to escape US justice.

It's sad that you are so partisan that you don't see how many things go BEYOND the usual
Republican/Democrat duality paradigm.  Sure, there are some differences here and there,
but on this case you are dead wrong.

Yes, it goes without saying that if we disagree, it's because I'm too partisan to see straight.

I started to think you'd lost it after the Boston 4/15 bombings.  Now I know for sure. 
You are just as partisan as anybody else.  You will give Obama a pass on his police state
just like the knuckledraggers gave Bush a pass on his, merely because they belong to your party.

Wait, you were AGAINST the Boston cops searching for the bombers?
And *I* am the guy who's too partisan to think straight?

You really don't see the Orwellian state that Obama is cementing in place? 

I think you are too angry to realize what you're saying.

If you were less angry, you might accuse him of failing to dismantle Bush's police state.

But as has been said 100 times already, if Obama shut that program down and then we got hit,

that would be "proof" that Democrats can't be trusted with national security and THEN we'd
all be living in Ted Cruz's America and that would be a genuine nightmare.

Maybe I should have taken that "IQ of 64" warning more seriously all those years ago. 

Yes, because anyone who disagrees with you must be too stupid to understand reality.

Do you realize most Democrats agree with Obama and me?
You are in the minority on this.

You are losing me as a reader, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, Bart. 
I've been reading you since 2002 but it baffles me that you don't see this,
or that you DO see this but refuse to change your stance.

Greetings from and old reader in Mexico.

I realize that every time I state an opinion, I'm going to lose more readers.
If I was smart, I'd stop having opinions and just do "Mystery Cars" for a living.


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