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Subject: The corporate media is sustaining Hillary's campaign

How do you figure that?
Every media outlet attacks her every minute of every day.

If Barack Obama had lost 11 consecutive Primaries and Caucuses, 
do you think the whore press would be politely suggesting that he 
withdraw from the race - for the sake of 'party unity'?

It's hard to say - if pigs could fly, how much would bacon cost?
We've never lived in a world where the Clintons were treated fairly.
Remember, they built entire networks just to lie about them.

Remember how they shoved John Edwards off stage as fast as possible 
after he didn't score crushing landslide victories in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Edwards got what, 3 percent in Nevada and 8 percent in Carolina?
And I don't remember anyone pushing him, but the media did ask how long
a single-digit candidate could hold on - does it seem to you that Hillary and 
Edwards are/were in the same position? 

But for some reason, Hillary's 11 consecutive losses don't seem to have registered with them. 

I remember after she won New York, California, New Jersey and Massachusetts,
the headlines read"Sweep for Obama!"
...and you're thinking the whore press is giving her a free ride?

She's been given a free pass by the entire corporate media bloc - even after weeks 
and weeks of defeats. Am I the only one who thinks this is suspicious?

Keep hammerin' on at 'em, fella!

If you think she's gotten a "free pass from the entire corporate media bloc,"
I'd hate to see what happens when they gang up on somebody.

Just curious - what color is water on your world?
On my Earth, it's kinda clear-blue.

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