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Subject: suddenly insane

Thought it was worth repeating

You start an e-mail that way?

Your so-called Obamamania has existed only since 2/9

*I* invented Obamamania?
Want to send me a dollar for every time I find that word somewhere?

(My caucus in WA state was one of the definers of cultism and mania on Saturday, Feb 9).
Do you get how young your insanity really is? 

How young is my insanity?
Did you read this back to yourself before you hit "Send?"

Reality is that in fewer than twenty days, Bart, your feeble mind 
has raced feverishly toward cultism, toward mania.

Writing about what's going on isn't "racing feverishly."

And most of your sycophants are equally insane.
You're almost as crazy as Hillary Clinton these days, and that is very sick indeed.

Silly-ass non sequitors can be fun - am I right?

You are all fucking nuts.

All of me is nuts?

And while you may not believe it, I am not happy about this fact, mean the "fact" that all of me is fucking nuts?

...if for no other reason that I we can all agree that 
McCain would be fucking dangerous for this country.
 Richard the pottymouth

Look - you said something intelligent!
Maybe reading  is good for you.

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